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All About Non- GB License.

Posted On : 12/13/2017

Immigrants coming to UK with a driving license issued not by Great Britain and wish to drive their vehicle in the country should not miss this article. Great Britain has some provisional rules for foreigners to drive with a license issued outside the country. Within a set period a Non-Gb driving license holder can freely drive in UK, without having to take a UK drive test immediately. Scroll down and know everything about non-Gb driving license.

Your stay is no longer than 60days, no issues! Go on and take the charge of wheel with your existing Non-GB license. However, if you are a non-British resident having permanent address or have stayed in the country more than 186days in a year then exchanging your license is advisable.

An immigrant from European Community/ European Economic Area, can drive with a Non-GB driving license if he/she meets the following criteria:

  • For car, motorcycle one can drive with a Non-GB license until the age of 70 years or for three years after becoming a resident (whichever is longer period)

For vocational driving license one can drive

  • Until the age of 45 or five years after becoming a resident.

  • Until you turn 66 years old for 5 years after residency.

  • If one is 65 years old or a resident for more than 12 months.

If an individual does not meet the above-mentioned criteria than exchanging the current NON-GB license for a license issued by Great Britain would be the only option.

The rules change for immigrants coming beyond the boundaries of (EC/EEA) when it comes to having a Non -GB license. An individual holding an ordinary license or driving permit can drive small vehicle for a period of 12months (when a resident) or 12 months from the time of arrival in the country. To continue to drive after that a provisional GB license must be issued and UK drive test has to be taken before that 12-month period elapses.

In case you immediately need to exchange your Non-GB license then you must know few salient features of this exchange. Once you exchange your Non-Gb license, it’s gone. There is no way you will get it back. You might have to take a retest in home country to get a driving license there. You don’t have to take up UK driving test if you are eligible to exchange your Non-GB license, simply fill up the form, pay and enjoy your new driving license by GB. You might feel that exchanging your license might be like starting with a clean slate, that’s not the case all your experience as a driver will be mentioned in the new license as the exact year and date will be mentioned when you had obtained that license in your own country. Your driving license is equivalent to any Id proof within the territory of GB and cheaper car insurance is a perk for which you might would want to exchange your license with a GB license. When it comes to driving during the test, we are sure you have enough experience as a driver in your homeland. However, the theory test is tricky for that  UK Drive Test is happily at your service.



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