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Drivers in UK must retake eyesight test

Posted On : 9/11/2018

The first and the foremost thing a driver should have, is good eyesight. It is important for a driver to be able to judge distances, gaps and moving objects as well as people on roads. Every year a lot of fatal road accidents take place, due to poor eyesight of the drivers. DVLA has taken this situation under consideration and have made it mandatory for all the drivers with licence as well as those who are leaning driving to take an eyesight test, before driving.

Drivers in UK are encouraged to take this eyesight test, after a survey by DVLA which showed that, upto 50% of the motorists are unaware of the basic standards needed to get a driving licence in UK.

As per the driving rules in UK, the drivers should be able to read a number plate from 20m (65ft) away, but according to the recent survey only 50% of the drivers knew about this rule and the eyesight test. There were a few drivers who gave eyesight test on regular basis to self-evaluate themselves, which they are supposed to do, legally.

As per the doctors at DVLA, those who fail the eyesight test are required to visit an eye specialist or an optician. Learner drivers are supposed to pass the eye test, which is a major part of their practical test and then, they should take care of their eyesight, so that it remains good for driving thereafter.

It is believed that, eyesight deteriorates over the period of time. That’s the reason why, a driver should always take care of his/her eyesight and must try to maintain the good quality of eyes to be able to drive safely. This is a very simple test, which is carried out on streets and requires just a couple of minutes. It is compulsory for the drivers in UK to take eyesight test after every 10 years.

If a driver faces any trouble while driving, then in that case the driver can take this test before the stipulated time and in case of any issue, must visit an optician.





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