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Get the UK Driving Licence first before you go for a long drive

Posted On : 3/21/2018

Let’s talk about something different today. Let’s talk about what motivates one to follow a passion for driving. If you are a zealous driver/rider, the wish to go for a long drive will never elude you. If you haven’t obtained your UK driving licence, you must get it as soon as possible, in order to fulfil your wanderlust.

If you don’t have the UK driving licence yet and are looking to begin preparing for the driving theory test, go to UKDriveTest and find a suitable preparation plan for yourself. The questions used in our tutorials are sourced from the DVSA official website including the Highway Code manual, ‘Know Your Traffic Signs’, question-bank, hazard perception videos, and more.

A long drive can also be enjoyed if you are a tourist or want to travel with your family and friends. Let’s check out some of the most soothing, and thrilling at the same time, avenues in the United Kingdom.

Isle of Arran Coastal Road, Scotland

This is a 90-kilometre drive around the circular coastal route. There are rugged highlands to the north, rolling lowlands to the south, with ever-changing sea views all the way. Arran is an enthralling island, full of mystery. When it’s sunny, its delicate light and cottages tumbling down to the shore give a hint of the Mediterranean. While on a stormy day, impending clouds bestow extra splendour to the heather-covered hills. Besides the pleasant journey along the coastal route, you can also explore the deserted mountain roads when you enter the inland areas.

Jurassic Dorset

This is best suited for bike-fans. You will find the mesmerising views of Lulworth Cove and the famed Osmington White Horse. It is a medley of dramatic coastline, sleepy inland villages, and rolling hills, which all make the ride a classic to cherish.

Finally, shape this outing into a thrilling labyrinth tour to relish the coastal sights en route, stay overnight at Moonfleet Manor, and set on a lagoon beach in the village of Fleet, near Weymouth.

Wild Snowdonia, Wales

Take this drive to witness the picturesque beauty of Mount Snowdon. In your about 110-kilometre route, you’ll find mountains, moors, coastline, countryside, steam trains, waterfalls, and sharp climbs and descents.

You can take a break at Betws-y-Coed. Later, have fun climbing Mount Snowdon before you visit the Caernarvon Castle, standing defiantly at the mouth of the Seiont River.

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