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Car Matters!

Posted On : 12/14/2017

If you studied for your theory test with UK Drive test, we are sure you did pretty well. Now comes the part when you are skeptical about practical driving test. After practicing for months, using your own car or the car your driving school allotted you to polish your skills as a driver, it is difficult to have the same comfort to use another car that examiner provides you. However, there is a fair chance that you can use own car during practical test if your vehicle meets certain criteria.

So, quickly run your eyes over the rules furnished below, set for your car to qualify as a “Practical Test Car”.

  1. Your car must be taxed and insured for driving test (refer to your insurance policy).
  2. Be in road worthy condition and have a current MOT (if its more than 3 years old car).
  3. No warning light should be flashing, e.g. air bag warning light.
  4. Check tyres are in good condition. As per rules, tyres shouldn’t be damaged and the legal tread depth on each on them, you can’t use a space- saving spare tyre.
  5. Car has to be smoke free. Hashtag, don’t smoke in the car right before the exam.
  6. Your car should be able to reach at least 62mph and having mph speedometer is must.
  7. Have four wheels and maximum authorized mass of not more than 3500kg (MAM is how much your car should weigh when loaded)

There must be some additional fittings you might need to do if you wish to drive own car during the test. The list of fitting starts with an extra interior rear-view mirror for the examiner, next would be a passenger seatbelt for the examiner and the last would be learner plate on both front and rear of your car.

If you have cameras installed in your car for safety purpose, please make sure its not recording sound and visual inside the car. If it does it might reduce chances for your car to qualify as test car.

 You can drive a car that has an electronic parking break and hill start assist However, if you choose a manually driven car, it must have 3 pedals. In case you opt for a semi-automatic or automatic one, please note you will be licensed to drive only semi or automatic category cars then. Driving a manual car will be out of question. So, choose wisely.

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