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New Driving Laws in 2018 Aim to Curb Leniency

Posted On : 2/21/2018

This summer, be prepared to stiffen up as new driving laws in 2018, to be implemented in April, attempt to bring an end to perceived laxity in punishment for violations. Proposed changes include up to Pound 500 tax on the cost of new cars and penalties for crossing certain motorway lanes.

Major Changes and New Driving Laws in 2018

  • One of the major changes to be seen this year would be a graduated driving license which plans stricter controls on new drivers extending to 2 years after they pass the driving theory test and the practical driving exam.
    Passengers under 25 would be required compulsory supervision and driving at night would be restricted as per new proposals.
    At the moment, new drivers are allowed to be docked 6 points before they obtain a ban on driving altogether.
  • The Ministry of Transport (MOT) test for vehicle safety, roadworthiness and emissions will classify defects into 3 categories: Minor, Major and Dangerous.
    Vehicles falling in the latter two categories will automatically be failed.
    Even minor faults will be mentioned in the MOT certificate.
  • Diesel cars whose particulate matter filters fail to stop visible smoke of any colour, the car would be classified as a Major defaulter.
  • There is a recommendation to ban learner drivers from motorways where current laws allow advanced learners to train on motorways. Learners will be compensated by allowing lessons on safe motorway use.
  • Those violating red X lines on motorways, which otherwise indicate the scene of an accident ahead on the road, will be fined pound 100 and docked 3 license points.
  • Because the Real Driving Emissions 2 norms will not be implemented before 2020, new diesel car owners will bear the brunt of punishment with up to a pound 500 additional levy on the cost of the car. Car manufacturers still get 2 years to adapt to the new standard.
  • There will also be stricter scrutiny of tyres and in particular disc brakes for heat dissipation, oil leaks and the integrity of fastenings securing the apparatus in place.
  • Reduction of engine size and power to curb accidents could also be a possibility by April.

These proposals follow a slew of amendments in 2017, the effects of which have yet to be examined as far as new driving laws in 2018 are concerned.

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