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Not so Fast Not Furious: Driving Etiquette & the Driving License

Posted On : 3/1/2018 5

While the Fast and the Furious movies were all the rage till a few years ago, driving with etiquette still remains essential to obtaining a driving license and forms an integral component of the UK driving theory test.

Many aspiring drivers seem to forget that once you qualify to take control of a vehicle you don’t get a lifetime pass to take liberties with other road users. As with any social situation, good driving etiquette consists of being courteous at all times and staying alert. Apart from road rage, vehicle collisions and mental trauma could also be consequences, the last of which could result in a law suit for injury in tort.

The latest statistics place those claiming to be victims of road rage in the UK at a horrifying 80.4%. Of those part of the survey, a fifth said that the frequency of that experience was greater than 10 and 70% admitted to having caused the incident themselves.

Further, about 86% of those indulging in road rage did not feel they had done anything wrong. Afternoons and evenings were the times most such incidents were reported and the south-east of England was the prime spot for “ragers”.

Good drivers must recognize the following causes, which are, stress, crowded lanes, behavior and anticipation of other drivers.

Law enforcement and insurance providers advise that when you are faced with a difficult driver on the road, it is best to wait and let the feeling pass. Keep your own temper in check, avoid loud music in the car, be sensitive to the other’s concerns and always be willing to defuse a situation rather than aggravate it.

It is best that you show yourself to be the mature one. As when dealing with a predator in the wild, look confident but back away slowly. Avoid sudden movements but, if you’re in a car, lock doors, windows and sun-roofs. Keep your engine running in case you need to drive away quickly.

If you are being followed, light up your hazard lights and blare your horn while driving away to attract attention. Use GPS, if you have to, to drive to the nearest police station. Scan the scene of the crime, though, and try to remember the license number of the vehicle the offending driver is driving, the person’s description, clothes, colors, location and so on.

The following tips on Driving Etiquette will help you keep your Driving License unblemished in 2018:

  1. Keep within safe braking distance of the car in front of you. No one likes to be bullied into giving space. Besides they may be in a greater rush than you.
  2. Do not use high beams too often, especially when someone is passing you on the opposite lane. This blinds drivers ahead and is plain bad road sense.
  3. Never forget to use turn signals and always check the rear-view mirror when changing lanes.
  4. It is good manners to watch out for drivers on a busy road to change lanes and allow them to cut in front of you when traffic is at its worst.
  5. Avoid driving too fast even if you are on a deserted stretch. And avoid distractions in the vehicle such as phones, food or make-up.
  6. Be considerate toward pedestrians. Most driving manuals will tell you that they have first right to use the road.

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