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This is what driving test in UK looks like

Posted On : 5/30/2018

What happens when you go for a driving test in UK?

Generally, the driving test in UK is divided into 5 parts and they are as follows: -

  • Firstly, an Eyesight check
  • Then you will be given “Show me, Tell me” Safety questions.
  • General Driving Ability test
  • Reversing Your Vehicle test
  • Independent driving test

The above-mentioned tests are same for both manual as well as automatic cars.

What is the duration of the test?

Your test will last for 40 mins, that is you will have to drive for 40 mins and you may drive for 70 mins if you take the extended driving test. You will have to take the extended driving test if you are banned from driving.

What happens in Eyesight Check?

In this part of the test you will have to read a number plate from a distance of 20 meters for the vehicles, which have a new-style number plate. Otherwise, you will have to read a number plate from a distance of 20.5 meters for the vehicles with old-style number plate. You will fail your driving test, if you fail your eyesight check and your driving test will end right there.

What are “Show me, Tell me” questions?

You will be asked two types of question, they are show me and tell me questions. The tell me questions will be asked before you start driving and show me questions are asked to you while you are driving.

What happens in General Driving Ability Test?

In this part of the test you will have to drive on various type of roads and traffic conditions, but not on motorways. The examiner will give you directions and you will have to follow the same.

What happens in Reversing Your Vehicle Test?

The examiner will ask you to perform one of the following exercises: -

  • Parallel park at the side of the road
  • Park in a parking bay - either by driving in and reversing out, or reversing in and driving out (the examiner will tell you which you have to do)
  • Pull up on the right-hand side of the road, reverse for around 2 car lengths, and re-join the traffic.

What happens in Independent Driving Test?

You will have to drive for about 20 mins in this part of the test, you will have to follow either of the following: -

  • Directions from a sat nav
  • Traffic signs

Your examiner will inform you which of the above-mentioned instructions you will have to follow.


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