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Tips for Visitor’s driving in UK

Posted On : 11/23/2017

United Kingdom has always been a tourist magnet for the world. The alluring architecture, Art and poetry is the biggest pull for visitors all over the world. Imagine yourself behind the wheels of a 1967 Chevelle SS convertible on the roads of UK and your favorite track oozing out of the speakers; Bliss isn’t it? But that’s not going to come very easy if you are visiting UK as driving in UK is a matter of clearance by the authorities. Do keep these few tips while you drive in UK, these might give you a smooth driveway.

Tips for the visitors Driving in UK and the list is below:

  1. Even if you are” Right” drive on left- unlike USA and other European continent in UK one must drive on the left side of the road.
  2. Traffic language- Make sure you know the highway codes used in UK like bonnet, car hire, gearstick, windscreen and the list go on.
  3. Automatic is not the trend here: 70% of the vehicle driven in UK are manual so if you are not familiar with a manual car don’t try to drive a manual car it might draw legal attention on you. Solution is simple hire an automatic car.
  4. Let other pass by your left side because left is the “Right” in UK.
  5. Keep the beam of your headlight on check it might bedazzle other drivers.
  6. Do not drink and drive is the basic that goes without saying, still needs a mention. You never know!
  7. Stopped by the Police: wait for them to instruct you don’t plan your moves before that and do not we repeat do not be rude to them.
  8. Undertaking, commonly known as overtaking on a motorway is illegal in the country, so keep the stunts in check.
  9. You are under surveillance so don’t think you will get away with any of your deeds on roads, every street is empowered with speed cameras with automatic number plate reader. So follow the rule is the secret.
  10. Don’t speed up beyond 60mph.
  11. Don’t drive on Bus lanes.

So that’s all you need to abide by and you are good to go.

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