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Tips to prepare for Motorcycle Theory Test in UK

Posted On : 5/10/2018

Once you complete your compulsory basic training and move towards giving your practical driving test, before giving your Practical Driving Test, you will have to pass your Theory Test. It’s one of the most important part of learning to ride a motorbike, when you give your practical riding tests, you will need to show, what you have learnt from this test when you are riding on the road. This test is exclusively for the motorcyclists, so you will have to pass this test even if you have already passed your car theory test.

The motorcycle theory test will cost you £23, it is quite important to prepare for your theory test, as you will have to learn a lot about road rules. The better prepared you are for your test, the more likely you are to pass in your first attempt, which will save you the time and money which retaking the test will cost you.

The theory test is generally divided into two parts: -

  • The Multiple Choice Part
  • The Hazard Perception Part

Preparing for the Multiple-Choice Part of the Test

You should read from all the available material for your theory test, especially the Multiple-Choice Part of it. There are a lot of products available that contain practice questions, but it's really important you don't just learn the answers without understanding fully the reason why it's correct, as the questions in the actual test are not exactly the same as the practice test.

The following topics are covered in Multiple Choice Part of the Test: -

  • Alertness
  • Attitude
  • Safety and your motorbike
  • Safety margins
  • Hazard awareness
  • Vulnerable road users
  • Other types of vehicle
  • Road conditions and motorbike handling
  • Motorway riding
  • Rules of the road
  • Road and traffic signs
  • Essential documents
  • Incidents, accidents and emergencies
  • Motorbike loading

Preparation for the Hazard Perception part of the test

In this test the test taker will see 14 film clips, each shown from a motorcyclist’s point of view. You’ll need to spot the developing hazard in each film clip and this is something that might need you, as the rider, to take some action such as changing speed or direction, you will score points according to your speed to give the answer.

Tips to learn for the Motorcycle theory test effortlessly

  • Link what you’re learning to your practical situation
  • Use mnemonics, try to learn things by connecting them to some stories.
  • Practice the question formats, as practice is something which will make this test a cake walk for you.

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