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Traffic Lights Will Be Installed at M6 M62 To Avoid Congestion

Posted On : 12/8/2017

To keep the current scenario in control, as an initiative authority have planned to install traffic lights on the link roads which join motorways. By the end of December, the junction of m6 and m62 in Warrington, Cheshire will have these lights installed.

According to research data Traffic has increased on the motorways at a faster rate than any other road type, official figures have proved that in June vehicles travelled 68 billion miles on motorways and other researches on traffic have shown that there had been more than 1.35million traffic jams on motorways which is near about 3700 traffic congestion every day.

Under current rules traffic lights can be placed on motor slip roads. Installation of traffic lights will help to control congestion at croft interchange where junction 21A of M6 meets junction M62.

Driving in UK motorways might become less stressful if this experiment works fine. Authorities plan to track the improvement for a year and a successful out come will lead to introduction of the same scheme on more motorway links too.

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