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What happens after passing Car Driving Test?

Posted On : 6/2/2018 1

Planning to take Car Driving test in UK, here are a couple of things that you should know. Have a look: -

What are the faults that a test taker commits and the results they may receive for such faults: -

  • A Dangerous Fault: - This fault involves the actual danger to you, your examiner, the public or property.
  • A Serious Fault: - This fault involves something potentially dangerous.
  • A Driving Fault: - This fault is not a potentially dangerous, but if you keep on making the same mistake then it will become a serious fault.

What is the pass mark for the Car Driving Test?

The Pass Mark for the Car Driving Test depends on the faults you have committed, and you will pass your Car Driving Test under the following conditions: -

  • You will pass the driving test if you commit no more than 15 driving faults, it is at times called as minors.
  • You will pass the driving test if you commit no serious or dangerous fault, it is also called as majors.

What happens when you pass your driving test?

When you pass your driving test your examiner will do the following things: -

  • Firstly, your examiner will tell you about your faults, if you have committed any.
  • Secondly, your examiner will provide you a Pass Certificate.
  • Lastly, your examiner will ask you whether you want your full licence to be sent to you automatically or not, if you say yes for this option, then you will have to give the examiner your provisional licence, in order to get your full driving license.

You can apply for your full driving license within two years of passing the test, if you don’t want to get your driving license automatically.

When you can start driving after passing the test?

You can start driving right after you have passed the driving test, you are not supposed to wait for your full license to arrive.






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