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Posted On : 11/23/2017

DVSA has been conducting driving tests from ages now and their standard of examining an aspiring motorist is high in quality. With time the need of roads has changed, with tremendous development in the field of automobile demands change in the structure of DVSA’S license providing exams too. However, these changes are completely focusing on the practical aspect of driving only. DVSA has announced new rule in the process of driving test. The new rules are said to be more apt for determining the skills of a driver. The rules include I. double time for independent driving time. Earlier it was 10mins now they have escalated it to 20mins. II. Introducing Sat Nav to new drivers. III. Reverse driving manoeuver change. Iv. “Tell me, show me” questions related to car safety. The dust of protest by the examiners have not settled yet but DVSA has not gone weak on their knees citing public support for the new rules. So, let’s take a quick look at the point what triggered the changes in driving test rules. According to surveys conducted by the agency has proved that a quarter of deaths taking place on highways consist victims of age group from 15-19. Data further reveals that most of the fetal collision occurs on the highspeed roads. Making alteration in the format will enable them to include such routs in the list to drive on while giving test. This will show driver’s real skill. 52% of driven cars in country use Sat Nav, DVSA endeavor to give safe exposer to new technology to new drivers. People function better at times when instructions are not included, they handle every situation with their basic instinct. Exactly why people prefer independent driving more as they can relate to real life situation more without having to conform to any instruction because they will at the end drive independently. These reasons have got tremendous public support, 88.2% people have supported the increase in time for independent driving time.70.8% people said “Yes” for Sat Nav.78.6% agreed to change in reverse manoeuver.78.4% are happy to “Show me how” questions while driving. So we are sure you will understand why the changes are being made and why you should pick a side.

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