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Generally asked Questions after having failed the UK practical driving test

I’ve failed my UK practical driving test. When can I take it again?

The DVSA allows you to re take the practical driving test as many times as is necessary in the 2 years before your theory test certificate expires. However, you must wait at least 10 business days until you can take the test again.

Additional Questions / FAQ's

Q. How many times am I allowed to fail the test?

As of now, there is no limit to the number of times you can re take your driving test. Don’t lose heart! A lady from Southwark was reported to have failed the theory test over a 100 times. Our learning resources ensure that you are assessed and re assessed several times before you appear for your actual exam.

Q. I have a learning disability. How can I get a driver’s license?

Disabilities and other health conditions should be mentioned at the time you register for your driving test.

The assessor cannot change the standards on which to assess you but he can make modifications to take your condition into account.

For example: If you are hearing impaired, the examiner will communicate with you through hand written notes or hand signals.

If you are pregnant you must consent to and be able to stop your vehicle during an emergency.

If you have a learning disability, the examiner will make allowances for the practical driving part of your test. Other instructions may be illustrated slowly and with the aid of pictures etc.

Q. Can I appeal against my driving test results?

An appeal is possible if you feel that your assessor did not follow the rules when conducting your test. Under no condition will your test result change, but if you win the appeal you may be eligible for a re test without charge.

Driving test takers in England or Wales can appeal to a Magistrate’s court before 6 months have passed from the day you took your driving test.

Driving test takers in Scotland can appeal to a Sheriff’s court before 21 days have elapsed from the day of the unfavourable test.

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