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ADI Theory Test

An Advanced Learning Platform to help you prepare for the Official DVSA theory test. This platform is designed for drivers who want to become certified driving instructors.

Approved Driving Instructor (or ADI) test is a test for trainers who teach people to drive and who are to be registered with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) . To be certified as an ADI one must complete three qualifying tests.

The qualifying examination consists of 3 sections:

  • Theory (part one) – The test will comprise of a multiple-choice section and a video-based hazard perception section
  • Driving ability (part two) - An eyesight test will be performed followed by a practical test of driving technique
  • Ability (part three) – A practical test to check your ability to instruct.

The driving test theory part is the first lesson that one must learn before registering as an ADI. It comprises of two elements; a set of multiple choice questions and a Hazard perception test.

UK Drive Test offers sets of multiple choice questions in its online portal along with answers and explanations, chapters on topics related to alertness, vehicle safety, vehicle handling, safety margins, hazard awareness, vulnerable road users, motorway rules, rules of the road, traffic signs, documents, accidents, and vehicle loading.

We offer a complete guide to negotiating hazards via an interactive hazard perception test practice zone which contains more than 25 practice video clips. The guide also contains practical information and advice, inclusive of hazard perception videos, multiple-choice questions for different types of vehicles and links to insightful websites to keep you interested in learning to drive and finally obtain that long awaited UK driver’s license.

Hazard Perception is critical to acing the DVSA Theory Test. Which is why one must clear both the multiple choice and the hazard perception sections. Learn driving theory lessons straight from the horse’s mouth with Official Hazard Perception Practice Clips created by the DVSA.

Introduced in 2002, the test was updated in 2015 by uploading computer generated clips in place of live action videos.

Features we provide:-

  • DVSA authorized Hazard Perception Practice Video Clips (Clips from the real world as well as the latest CGI video clips).
  • Free introductory clips to get yourself familiarized and recognize hazards you will come across while driving in real life.
  • Unlimited Hazard Perception tests through our learning platform to prepare applicants thoroughly for the DVSA Driving theory test.

UK Drive Test offers the following advantages:-

  • Lightning quick access to the DVSA driving theory test revision question bank with regular updates incorporating the latest changes.
  • All-inclusive fully online theory test for effective revision.
  • Easy to comprehend responsive user interface with intuitive design crafted to optimize driver learning gains.
  • Geared for portability across platforms so you can learn and revise anywhere without carrying a bag load of books. Smartphone and tablet integrated portal.
  • Module to break down and analyse performance thus single out your strongest and weakest topics.
  • Quick topic tests and mock tests for practice and memory retention.
  • A friendly and highly responsive customer support process.

Our website functions best on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari and Internet Explorer 9. All your progress will be saved even if you access your account through multiple devices. However, please ensure that your account is logged out and browser is closed after each session while switching between devices.


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