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The UK Drive Test Advantage at the DVSA Theory Test

The UK Drive test is an online platform that collects all the best resources for the DVSA Theory Test in one single repository. All the latest DVSA revision questions get featured here. The questionnaires are updated as per the latest modification to help you get acquainted with the most current test format.

The tried and tested three-step sequence of study, practice and mock tests will be of immense assistance while preparing for the actual exam. An organized category with multiple topics allows the candidate to select individual topics and learn accordingly. We provide bite-sized modules for ready absorption.

Our powerful performance analysis module has been designed to let you differentiate between your strongest and weakest topics. This analysis tells you if you are not ready to take the official DVSA Driving Theory Test beforehand.

Our testing user interface has been optimized by experts alongside our research team to make the learning method for learner drivers remarkably easy and comprehensible. The combined format of research and advanced development has resulted in a product which is not only easy to use but also delightfully effective in helping with long-term memory retention.

To ease the process of learning even further, our learning platform has been developed with a responsive theme. A user can access our website through multiple platforms such as Windows, Macs, Android, and IOS.

The principle advantage of registering with UK Drive Test lies is that you get instant access to all learning material without the need to load CDs or space-consuming software. Learning can also be done on the go, via the UK Drive Test Driving theory test app which is available both on Android and iOS smartphones.

All of our question material is paired with explanations as well as hints to help you understand the logic with the reasoning of every answer.

All of our question material are paired with concise explanations and hints outlining the reasons for a particular answer.

Accessible guidance at every page

The UK Drive Test learning portal offers the following advantages

  • Immediate access to the DVSA revision question bank with consistent updates on the latest topics.
  • Total theory test revision with highly effective online access.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Optimized for people who learn on the go through a smartphone friendly interface.
  • Performance Module to analyse one’s performance, monitor and decide a learning strategy.
  • Test and practice your knowledge with topic tests and mock tests.
  • To top it all, we offer dedicated support via a very responsive and friendly customer support.

Works best on Internet Explorer 9 and above and recent versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari. When using different devices please logout and exit the browser upon expiry of each session. Don’t worry, your progress would still be saved.

If you have any questions about this product, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or call on +44-2035143842.

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