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LGV or HGV Practice Theory Test

The Best Learning Platform to prepare for the Official DVSA theory test for all drivers.

UKDriveTest has a license agreement with the DVSA allowing us to use items from the DVSA revision bank. The hazard clips we use have been taken from the DVSA.

Lastly, our mock tests use the same system as the DVSA so that nothing could prepare you to face the real LGV or HGV theory test better!

Nevertheless, driving heavy or larger vehicles requires a lot of spatial awareness and very alert reflexes. Pedestrians, road signs and other objects may appear smaller when viewed from the higher driver’s seat. We bring you all the guidelines prepared by experts on how you should approach learning to drive buses or lorries. 

Our all-in one platform makes it possible for you to learn, revise, practice and test yourself for the MCQ and Hazard Perception tests. We provide Multiple Choice Questions for the LGV or HGV theory test from our comprehensive question bank, with answers and explanations. These deal with a wide range of topics including, but not limited to: vigilance, vehicle safety and handling, safety margin, danger consciousness, vulnerable road users, motorway rules of the road, road and traffic signs, documents, accidents, and vehicle loading.

Hazard perception is a part of the DVSA theory test. You must pass both the Multiple selection and the Hazard Perception part of the theory tests. We're licensed to use all the Official DVSA Hazard Perception Practice Clips for the purposes of your instruction. Having originally been released in 2002, the driving theory test was updated in 2015, when computer generated clips evolved into action videos.

Highlights of our programme:

  • Hazard Perception Practice Video Clips from the DVSA.

  • Free introductory clips to familiarize yourself with the Hazard Perception part of the DVSA theory tests.

  • A virtually boundless supply of Hazard Perception tests to assist you prepare as completely as possible. 

Find advice all over the web site anytime you feel stuck.

  • Immediate access to DVSA's review question bank which gets updated on a regular basis to ensure you do not miss any modifications.

  • Our driver test learning platform gets results. It has been optimized for the purpose of on-line LGV or HGV theory test revision.

  • Easy to use intuitive user interface. Made to assist you learn while you move.

  • Adaptable to your smartphone or tablet computer as you commute to work or learn on a Personal Computer when at home.

  • Performance analysis modules which you could use to monitor your weakest and strongest topics. Rapid tests, theme tests and mock tests offering variety and comprehension.

  • Very responsive and friendly customer support.

* The web site works best on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari and Internet Explorer 9. When accessing your account on multiple devices your advancement will be saved, but please ensure you logout and close the browser after every session when changing apparatus.


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