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Motorcycle Theory Test

The Best Training stage to prepare for the Official DVSA theory test for motorcycle drivers.

The UKDriveTest hold a license agreement with the DVSA letting us use elements of the DVSA revision bank. The hazard clips we utilize were taken from the DVSA.

Finally, our tests utilize the same system as the DVSA in a way that no one else can. Prepare to be a pro when facing the real motorcycle theory test!

Motorcycle riding is a popular pastime in the United Kingdom among both the young and the old! Nevertheless, a motorbike rider is placed at a higher risk when compared with other motorists. In the event that you were to meet even a minor collision, your body would remain exposed and the danger of injury increases. Our unique stage makes it feasible for you to understand, revise, practice and test yourself to MCQ and Hazards Perception tests. 

We offer multiple choice questions for your motorcycle theory test from our question bank, with answers and explanations. These deal with a wide assortment of topics such as, but not limited to: vehicle vigilance, safety and handling, safety perimeter, hazard understanding, vulnerable road users, motorway rules of the road, road and traffic signs, documents, accidents, and vehicle loading.

Experience state-of the art hazard analysis with an interactive risk perception test facility and over 25 hazard practice video clips. You may also find lots of helpful information and advice that is embedded in the hazard perception videos together with MCQ by vehicle type and links to several useful resources. 

Hazard Perception is part of the DVSA theory test. You must pass both the Multiple choice as well as the Hazard Perception part of the theory tests. We are licensed to utilize all the Official DVSA Hazard Perception Practice Clips for the purposes of your directions.

Highlights of our programme:
  • A provision for Hazard Perception tests to help you prepare the entire course thorougly.

  • Hazard Perception Practice Video Clips from the DVSA.

  • Free introductory clips to help you get used to the Hazard Perception DVSA Theory Tests.

Find advice all around our website anytime you feel stuck!
  • Immediate access to our DVSA review question-bank that gets updated on a daily basis.

  • Easy-to-move-around-user-interface.

  • Made to help you learn as you move, adaptable to your smartphone or tablet pc as you commute to work or learn on a personal computer when at home, performance analysis modules which you can use to monitor your strongest and weakest topics.

  • Quick tests, theme tests and mock tests offering variety and understanding.

  • Genuinely responsive and friendly customer care.

* The website works best on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari and Internet Explorer 9. When accessing your accounts on multiple devices your progress is going to be saved, but be sure to disconnect and close your browser once each session when changing devices.


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