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Theory test for car drivers online- UK Drive Test

Car Theory Test

You can pass the Official DVSA car theory test at the very first attempt! Begin learning now with our easy to use platform that gets you instantly to the resources you will need to study and practice for the Official DVSA car theory test.

Starting from £ 7.00

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Hazard test online - UK Drive Test

Hazard Perception Test

UKDriveTest has a license agreement with the DVSA (who set the Official Theory Test) permitting us to use the questions from the DVSA revision bank. The hazard clips we use have also been provided by the DVSA.

Complementary with every product you buy from us.

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Theory test for motorcyclists online - UK Drive Test

Motorcycle Theory Test

Want to start riding your motorcycle sooner? Start revising with us and get instant access to all the learning material you need to prepare for your motorcycle theory test. We only use the question material provided by the DVSA in the form of the DVSA revision question bank.

Starting from £ 6.00

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Theory test for ADIs online - UK Drive Test

ADI Theory Test

The Approved Driving Instructor (or ADI) test is meant for those who want to be driving instructors tested and registered with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). Help People learn to drive by becoming an ADI. Prepare yourself with our comprehensive ADI theory, quick and mock test.

Starting from £ 7.00

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Theory test for drivers of Large vehicle online - UK Drive Test

LGVs or HGVs Theory Test

Are you learning to drive Light and Heavy Goods Vehicles (LGVs and HGVs)? Prepare with us for your DVSA theory test. All our resources for the revision questions and hazard material are taken directly from the DVSA having been licensed to reproduce their entire revision content.

Starting from £ 7.00

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