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After you pass your driving test

Voila! You will have your full license now, you are free to take your vehicle wherever you want, but that does not mean that you are perfect at driving, as a driver you have a long way to go and you will learn new things while driving.

Since you have a full driving license now, you have to make sure you don’t indulge in bad habits as your safety is must, when you drive.

Make sure, while driving you follow safety code, which you can find on the official government website.

Motorway driving

You may know driving on a motor way, but driving with a full license is a new thing and you can learn more about it, by clicking on this motorway driving

Weather conditions

This is the problem, which most of the drivers face. You might not be familiar with the weather conditions you are driving in, and you have to take all the necessary measures you be safe.

Keep learning

As they say, learning is the life time process, that is applicable here as well. Once you learn driving and get a full driving license, you must improve your driving and always try to become a good driver.

Driving with friends

Going on long drives with friends is always fun, but you must keep your safety first. Now that you have a full driving license you need to be extra careful, you should not drive under the influence of alcohol or any other substance, after taking which you won’t be in your senses. Road rage is something you must stay away from.


If you have more than 6 penalty points on your driving license with 2years of getting it, then you will lose your driving license and you will have to reapply for provisional driving license. You can get penalty points for any kind of driving offense.

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