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Theory test practice for car drivers

This practice theory test is given to you, so that you can understand how the DVSA test works. You will have to revise the topics thoroughly and our study material at will help to get all the information about these topics.

You can take mock theory test in the following ways: -

  • Practice View it is particularly designed for PCs, Mobiles and Tablets.

  • Test View This design look almost similar to the screens at the test center.

You can use the button to switch between the two pages.

You will be given a list of 50 questions out of which you have to get 43 answers right, to pass the theory test. You will have 57 minutes to answers the questions. You cannot take Hazard Perception Test using this service.

Here’s a sample test for you

This driving theory test is just for practice. You can get numerous multiple-choice questions for the related topics as well as more than 100 video clips to practice, for the hazard perception test. You can log on to to get these facilities.

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