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Getting a driving instructor

Who can be your driving instructor?

If you wish to learn driving from someone, make sure that person is an approved driving instructor(ADI) or a trainee driving instructor.

You can also take learn driving from your friends or relatives, but for that they must be

  • Above 21years old

  • They must have a driving license from past three years

  • They must be qualified to drive the vehicle you are learning.

Driving Instructor? But, Why?

Whenever you drive, you need to be safe for yourself and for the people driving around you, you must follow safety rules right from the beginning. Your Driving Instructor will give you an insight about the safety rules you need follow while you are driving and which you will require to pass your driving test. Driving Instructor have a lot of experience and knowledge, which will help you in a long run to become a good driver.

How to Find an Instructor?

You can ask your friends or relatives to suggest you a driving instructor.

You can search on the web to find a good instructor.

You can also browse the official government website for an instructor.

While you are looking for a good instructor, you must keep certain things in mind

  • Your instructor must know things and have a good reputation

  • He/ She should be punctual and dedicated

  • Last but not the least, your instructor must know how to drive the vehicle, which you wish to learn.

If you have already started your driving lessons and you don’t like your driving instructor, then its time to say bye to him/her.

If you think, your instructor is not behaving properly with you can file a complaint against him, by going to the official government website.

How much will it cost to learn driving?

To learn driving, you certainly need to shell out a lot of money. The general cost for an hour is £24, if you want instructions from 47hours, before passing the test, it will charge you somewhere around £1000 to get your license, you can also calculate the cost of your license and tests. Instructors demand a hefty amount to give you driving lessons.If you think you are going to save your money by finding a cheap instructor or if your try to pass your test with a couple of lessons, well that won’t save your money. Without proper instructions it may take inordinately long time to pass the test, which will surely cost you more.

Plan and record your drive

You may run pillar to post, but how will you know how useful, your practice session is for you? Well in order to know that, you need to plan your drives and record it, so that you can keep a track of your performance.

How to Practice?

Learning anything is just not enough, you need to practice that too. This rule is applicable for driving as well. The more you practice driving, the better you become. You can plan out your practice sessions with your instructor and you can figure out, how to go about it

Always remember, anyone who is helping you practice, should fulfil above mentioned criteria. Do not forget to practice Theory Test regularly, as it is the key to pass the driving test.

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