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Preparation for Theory Test

Theory test is quite important, as you need to pass your Theory test before taking practical driving test. It plays a major role, as you will have to use your theoretical knowledge, while taking your practical test. To know more about it click here theory test

It is very important to take your driving theory test seriously, as it teaches you quite a lot about road rules. If you are prepared well for the theory test, there are chances that you may clear it in your first attempt, which will also save a lot of money for you.

The driving theory test is divided in to two parts, those are

  1. Multiple Choice Test

  2. Hazard Perception Test

How to prepare for multiple choice part?

The multiple-choice questions for Driving Theory Test are taken from various books and we bring to you an amalgamation of all in our study material at, which does not leave any portion from DVSA test.

You must have an in-depth knowledge about the theory test and the hazard perception test before you take the test. You need not memories the answers without understanding the situation as it won’t help you much in the theory test. Our material will help you to get going with your preparation. You will find the required material on

To get insight about the multiple choice test you can take various preparatory tests

  • Car theory test

  • Motorcycle theory test

  • LGV or HGV theory test

  • ADI theory test

  • Hazard Perception Test

The multiple-choice test majorly covers the following topics

  • Your alertness on road

  • Your attitude, while driving

  • Your safety and your vehicle

  • Your knowledge of safety margins

  • Your hazard awareness

  • Who are vulnerable road users

  • Different types of vehicles

  • Road conditions and vehicle handling

  • Road rules

  • Road and traffic signs

  • Your essential documents

  • Incidents, accidents and emergencies

  • Load on vehicle.

Tips for theory test

There are several methods which you can use to prepare well for Driving theory test, to make your theory test smooth,

here are a few tips: -

  • You must relate what you are learning from the material to your day to day experiences, that’s how you can remember things easily.

  • Make a story to learn new things and try to join dots.

  • Practice makes man perfect and here practice will surely make you well suited for your theory test.

  • Plan your study and gather information from friends and relatives as well.

How to prepare for Hazard Perception Test?

The Hazard Perception Test is the second part of the theory test and it focuses on how well you recognize and respond to hazards that can occur while driving. For this Hazard Perception Test, we provide to you a set of 14-15video clips, that you will have to view from a driver’s point of view. You are supposed to recognize and react to the developing hazards. You need to act fast, as your quick reaction will give you better points in the Hazard Perception Test.

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