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Study Hazard Videos

Hazard Videos

UKDriveTest has a license agreement with the DVSA (people who set the Official Theory Test) to use the questions from the DVSA question revision bank. The hazard clips we use have also been provided by the DVSA. Also, our mock tests use the same scoring system used at the DVSA, which will prepare you for the real test.

The hazard perception test is one of the two parts of the driving theory test. The other being the multiple choice questions. The test is intended to check a candidate’s ability to detect developing hazards. Developing hazards are situations that require a motorist to take some action, such as changing speed or direction. In the test the candidate watches a set of 14 video clips. Each one of the clips contains at least one developing hazard and may contain up to a maximum of two developing hazard. The candidate clicks on the videos when they see a developing hazard. The aim is to flag a developing hazard as soon as possible by clicking on the video. Each developing hazard is scored between five to zero marks.

Hazard video image1
Hazard video image2
Hazard video image3
Hazard video image4
Hazard video image5
Hazard video image6
Hazard video image7
Hazard video image8
Hazard video image9
Hazard video image10
Hazard video image
Hazard video image11
Hazard video image12
Hazard video image13
Hazard video image14
Hazard video image15
Hazard video image16
Hazard video image17
Hazard video image18
Hazard video image19
Hazard video image20
Hazard video image21
Hazard video image22
Hazard video image23
Hazard video image24
Hazard video image25
Hazard video image26
Hazard video image27

To obtain the maximum marks the developing hazard should be flagged by the candidate almost as soon as it starts developing. There may be pedestrians, vehicles and other hazards on the road, but not all of them are going to develop into a hazard. So there may be situation where the candidate may click in a situation that will not be a developing hazard. This is not an issue because there is not a penalty for clicking as long as the system doesn’t detect cheating attempts. The system will award the candidate zero marks if the user attempts to cheat by repetitive clicking and other proprietary cheat detection methods not disclosed by the DVSA.

Our advice to the candidate is to practice the hazard perception test until they are consistently passing their tests by a good margin of marks.
Passing Marks for Hazard Test:

  • Cars: 45 marks out of 75
  • Motorcycle: 45 marks out of 75
  • LGV & HGV (Lorry, Buses & Coaches) : 67 out of 75
  • ADI (Approved Driving Instructors): 57 out of 75

Hazard Perception is a critical part of the DVSA Theory Test. You must pass both the multiple choice and the hazard perception part of the theory tests. We have the Official DVSA Hazard Perception Practice Clips that have been provided by the DVSA. The test was introduced in 2002 and updated in 2015 with computer generated clips replacing the live action videos Hazard Perception Practice Video Clips from the DVSA (Real World & Latest CGI video clips) Use our free introductory clips to familiarise yourself with Hazard Perception part of the DVSA theory tests. Take unlimited Hazard Perception tests on our learning platform to prepare well for the DVSA theory test.

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