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The UK Drive Test for DVSA Theory Test

The UK Drive test is designed to bring a learning platform to help you prepare in advance for the DVSA Theory Test. The test features the latest questions from the DVSA revision question bank. We aim to keep the questions updated with the latest revision material from the DVSA revision question bank as it is made available to us.

We have employed a familiar three step process of studying, practicing and mock testing used in preparation for traditional exams. The question bank is organised into multiple categories to let you prepare for topics individually. Additionally, performance analysis module lets you see your strongest and weakest topics. The performance analysis can also be used to see whether you are ready to take the Official DVSA Theory Test.

The test interface has been designed by our specialist user interface team in conjunction with our research team for improving learning methods. This combination of research and advanced development has lead to product that is very easy to use while being equally effective in helping you learn.

To further ease the learning process, we have developed the learning platform with a responsive theme. This allows users to use the website on multiple platforms such as Windows, Macs, Android and IOS platforms with a similar interface. The advantage of using a website to prepare for the test is that you can have instant access to the learning material and you do not need to run any discs or specialised software. You can always learn on the go with our multitude of apps available for the Android and IOS smartphones.

All the question material comes with explanations and hints to help you understand the logic and reasoning behind a particular answer.

"We have included guidance throughout the website to help you if you are stuck."
  • Instant access to the DVSA revision question bank with regular latest updates.
  • Comprehensive and highly effective online theory test revision.
  • Easy to use and intuitive user interface.
  • Designed so that you can always learn on the go. Learn on your smartphone or tablet while you commute to work and learn on a PC when at home.
  • Performance analysis module that you can use to monitor your strongest and weakest topics.
  • Quick tests, topic tests and mock tests let you practice and test your knowledge.
  • Highly responsive and friendly customer support.

Works best on Internet Explorer 9 and above and recent versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari. When using different devices logout and close your browser after each session, your progress will nonetheless be saved.

If you have any questions on this product, please contact or call on +44-2035143842.

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