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Hazard Perception Test

UKDriveTest has been licensed by the DVSA (who set the Official Driving Theory Test) to use questions directly from the DVSA revision bank. Along with the Highway Code, the Hazard Recognition Clips have also been borrowed under license from official sources.

Our learner driver mock and practice tests also use the same scoring system used by the DVSA. From driving theory lessons to revision quizzes, we leave no stone unturned to get you as close as possible to experiencing live your eventual exam!

The hazard perception test is one of the two parts of DVSA’s driving theory test. The other being the MCQ section. The former is intended to check the candidate's ability to detect developing hazards.

Developing hazards are situations that require a motorist to take some action such as changing speed or direction.

In this test, a candidate watches a set of 14-15 interactive video clips depicting real hazards while learning to drive. Each of the clips contains at least one and up to two developing hazards. The candidate clicks on the video interface whenever she sees a developing hazard. The aim is to flag a developing hazard as soon as possible by clicking on the screen.

Each developing hazard is scored between five and zero marks. To obtain maximum marks the developing hazard should be flagged by the candidate almost as soon as it starts developing. There could be pedestrians, vehicles and other hazards on the road but not all of these situations are going to develop into a hazard. So, there may be instances when the candidate clicks at a point which does not depict a developing hazard. This is not a problem because there is no penalty for incorrect clicks as long as the system doesn't detect cheating attempts.

The system will award the candidate zero marks if the user attempts to cheat by repetitive clicking. Other proprietary cheat detection methods not disclosed by the DVSA may be used. Our advice to the candidate is to practice the hazard perception tests until they are consistently passing by a good margin.

Passing Marks in the Hazard Test by vehicle category

Vehicle Pass marks Maximum marks
Cars 45 75
Motorcycle 45 75
LGV or HGV (Lorries, buses or coaches) 67 75
ADI (Approved Driving Instructors) 57 75

Hazard Perception is a critical part of the DVSA Theory Test. You must pass both the multiple choice and the Hazard Perception part of the theory tests. We have obtained and been licensed to provide users the official videos created by the DVSA for training purposes.

Having originally been introduced in 2002 the driving theory test was updated in 2015 whereby computer-generated clips replaced live action videos.

Highlights of our programme:

  • Hazard Perception Practice Video Clips from the DVSA (Real World & state of the art CGI)
  • Free introductory clips to familiarise yourself with the Hazard Perception part of the DVSA theory tests.
  • Unlimited Hazard Perception tests to help you prepare as thoroughly as possible.

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