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 UK Drive test - Help

How to use and make the most out of this learning platform

This learning platform has been divided into three major sections. The intended flow of learning on this platform is as the following:

  1. Study the material (traffic signs and other topics)
  2. Practice quick tests by choosing test topics
  3. Take the timed mock tests

While going through the above steps, we recommend that you keep an eye on your performance analysis, which shows your weakest and strongest areas. This can help you identify the topics you need to focus on and help you study accordingly.

Theory test preparation

You can navigate through the website using the following guide to learn, practice and monitor your performance:

  1. The Menu Bar is located at the top of the page and contains the links to navigate between the main pages of the website, such as your dashboard, the help page, feedback, shop, subscription plans, etc.
  2. The Settings Bar is located to the left of the page and contains settings to configure user preferences for the website. You can choose the number of questions in each quick test as well as the option to reset your previous test scores.
  3. Navigation Menu is located on your Dashboard page and you can use it to follow the three-step learning process mentioned above.
  4. Your overall progress bar contains the performance metrics that show your overall progress in the study material, practice tests and mock tests.
  5. The three columns below the overall progress bar display how you've performed separately on the study material, practice tests and mock tests.
  6. The graph section gives you a pictorial representation of your performance on the quick tests and mock tests and how many topics you've studied so far.
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